Bermuda True Roof

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True Roof

BermudaTrueRoof system (BTR)

is a field-applied or prefabricated exterior insulating, waterproofing and decorative roof system, consisting of a profiled EPS panel fastened to an approved deck. A high strength polymer modified glass fiber reinforced cement coating protects the EPS panels from impact and fire, followed by a weatherproofing Elastomeric membrane.

Do not be fooled

by other EPS panels that are sold that are larger than 4.25 sq feet. After much testing and engineering, any panel that is greater than the 4.25 sq feet, may seem easier and cost effective when applying to the approved decking, but due to the movement of the roof timbers, there have been many cases of cracking of the completed system and this in return will add to the high maintenance of the larger panel.

BTR systems has been used in Bermuda for many years and has not had any product failure, even during hurricane Fabian. As opposed to other systems on the Island, our system was developed through stringent in house testing prior to any product use on the Island. As opposed to our competition, our system is more cost effective as it is a three coat system, compared to the competitions five coat system, therefore reducing the initial installation costs.
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